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Easy and flexible to operate.

Delivery Tracking and Wastage Management.

Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit POS business needs. Such inventory classification can be specific to each department.Optimize your Inventory Management Match supply and demand with the most cost effective way.

Accurate business closing with very little manual work help you minimize the time it takes after the last sale to close business for the day.

Gives peace of mind and reduced hassles in retail store operations.



Inventory by point counts or weigh open bottles/tapped kegs.

Calculated sales variances (shrinkage) for theft detection.

Comprehensive reports detailing costs, usage, and losses.

Take inventory daily, weekly, monthly (or as needed).

Supports Table Management.

Supports All Types of Payment like Cash/Credit Card/Debit Card/Cheque.

Allows Merging of Two Or More Tables.

Supports Discounts For Any Order or any Item on an Order.

Include All modules - Takeaway, Home Delivery, Fine Dine Restaurant.

Menu Costing and much more.


FiSYS School Management

Windows XP look-and-feel

Real-time Updates of all transactions

Online Document Printing

Online Modifications and Deletions

Online Credit Control checks

Online Document Printing

Online Modifications and Deletions

Online Credit Control checks

All Reports on Screen and Printer

24-months Accounting Period

Top & Bottom 'N' Fees Analysis

Outstanding Report for Fees and Creditors

User Creation/ Modification

Giving User Rights


Web Site

We provide customized web programming services to meet individual client needs.

We combine professionalism and hard work with experience and expertise in PHP, WordPress etc.and other web programming tools to create interactive and effective website.

We offer a team of professional web developers who are well versed in the latest software technologies.

We have creative pool of designers to cater the best innovative design.

We bring for you the best web development solutions at unbeatable economic rates.



Searching for a particular book

Gift Vouchers

Multipayment Mode



Supplier wise sales

Integrated Point of Sale

Fast and fully drag and drop style reports with filters to respond to your thought process.